Sadhana Village, Pune

Sadhana Village has been working since 1994 in the villages of Pune district – with communities who have been suffering from perennial vulnerabilities in terms of land holding, incomes, children`s education and employment.
From the beginning of our activities we’ve surveyed the target villages; their income levels, administrative straight jackets and low educational inputs. We have tried to find the problems of the hills and the rusty roads that impede the communities` economic progress. We have studied the inability of the families to the reach health services in area. We have established a very distinctive residential care society for the adults with intellectual disabilities at our campus.
This acts as an impetus to work for the disabled persons in the rural areas. We have organized meetings for the families of the mentally challenged and have projects for the family visits.
Working with the families, we’ve helped groups of farmers build three water conservation bunds on the river; have assisted 200 families to construct toilets and five groups to build a lift irrigation scheme each; We have held a number of sessions for people`s health.